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Blog 2016-2017

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Year 5 Easter Performance - Thursday 30th March

Year 5 did a beautiful job during their performances of The Life of Jesus. It was a wonderful way to prepare for Easter through drama, song, scripture and prayer. A special thank you to Mrs Newham, Mrs James, Mr Barfield, Mrs Rowntree and Miss Dawes for all their help during every stage of the play. Of course the children deserve a huge congratulations for all their hard work and fantastic singing voices.

Y5 Easter Play

Year 6 Cyberbullying talk - Thursday 30th March

Police Constables came in today to give a very important talk to the Year 6 children about Cyberbullying and its impact on others. The children also had chance to ask questions about this extremely relevant issue. Thank you to the PCs that took the time out of their day to give the talk. 

Y6 Cyberbullying

Lenten Challenge, Year 1 - Thursday 30th March

Year 1 have learnt to sign the alphabet, their names and some songs too. They performed a well known Disney favourite to their parents and relatives and collected a brilliant £174.31 for ‘Speech, Sign and Song Club’ which is a charity close to the hearts of this year group.

Y1 Lenten 2017

Lenten Challenge, Year 4 - Tuesday 28th March

Year 4 had a very successful ‘Afternoon Tea’ for parents and relatives to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. A special mention for Imogen who stood up in from of everyone to tell us all why Alzheimer's Society is so important to her and her family. There was a lovely atmosphere as everyone chatted enjoying cakes, sandwiches and drinks. A grand total of £375.00 was raised.


Lenten Challenge, Foundation Stage - Monday 27th March

Foundation Stage had a very enjoyable film night which they shared with Year 1 and 2. They watched Trolls and raised a fantastic £386.41 for C.A.F.O.D!

FS Lenten 2017
Mother's Day Liturgy - Friday 24th March

A lovely Liturgy led by Foundation stage. I’m sure that you were all very proud this afternoon as your sons and daughters presented and led the Liturgy. They did very well and clearly recognise how much you all do for them. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties and all the other lovely ladies that deserve to be spoilt!


Year 1 trip to Perlethorpe - Monday 20th March

The children in Year 1 headed to Perlethorpe to learn all about a range of animal homes in differing habitats, constructing suitable homes for animals and investigating the needs of Badgers in the woodland habitat. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed ‘Traditional Stories,’ expressing themselves creatively through improvisation, role play and other drama activities. They looked like they had a wonderful time!


Year 2 Indian Story Telling Day - Friday 17th March

As part of our topic for this term on India, Year 2 had the opportunity to work with an Indian storyteller who is part of the Mashi Theatre Company. The children will be involved in an interactive story workshop where puppets will be used to help to tell the stories. In class, they have been comparing traditional tales from England to ones from India and they have been inspired by the storyteller to write their own Indian tales.


Mad Science Assembly - Thursday 9th March

Children had a brilliant time learning and having a bit of fun during the assembly! We look forward to Mad Science joining us in school! 

Mad Sci

School Council visit - Tuesday 7th March

The School Council visited the Council House in the City Centre on Tuesday 7th March. Travelling by bus, visiting the Lord Mayor’s suite of rooms, the Ball Room, the Sheriff’s Room and learning about the different activities that take place inside the Council House, made the visit very enjoyable and worthwhile for all. Thank you to Mrs Mitchell for organising this experience, to Mrs Murphy for accompanying the children and to the children too who behaved so well.


Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 4th March

Congratulations to all the children and their families who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Saturday 4th March. It was lovely to see so many children there for this wonderful occasion. The children will now continue their sacramental preparation, ready to receive Holy Communion for the first time on 24th June. Please remember these children in your prayers.

Sacrament of Reconciliation 2017


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Thank you for your support and generosity - over 300 books were collected in total and these will be enjoyed by the children in the classroom reading areas and in the library. Congratulations to our prize winners, 6MC who collected 47 books! A fantastic effort, well done, your prize should be with you next week. A special mention also goes to 3CC, 3MT and 1SD who collected over 30 books each. This reflects a wonderful whole school effort - thank you! A big thank you also goes to Miss Sweeney and Mrs Cordes who organised the whole event to promote our love of reading.


Swimming Gala - Thursday 23rd February

Congratulations to our Swimming Team who came first in the Gedling Schools Swimming Gala! A fantastic effort was put in by everyone who took part and you did yourself, your parents and your school proud. 

Swimming Gala

Year 2 India Day - Friday 3rd February

Year 2 have had a very busy day learning all about India. They painted Rangoli patterns, Indian food tasting and even had a visit from the Bollywood Belles to learn some Indian dance moves.
It looks like you had a great day Year 2!

Y2 India Day

Year 3 Stone Age day - Tuesday 31st January

Year 3 went back in time! Today they dressed as Stone Age children and spent the day learning all about their Stone Age topic in a brilliant way. They had a wonderful time holding artefacts, building shelters and even playing games. You looked fab Year 3!



 Stop the press! The Good Shepherd in the news

Nottingham Post and Nottingham News visited the school to find out about our delicious lunchtime meals. Yum!

Year 5 visit the Cathedral of St Barnabas - Tuesday 24th January

Year 5 had a fantastic day today visiting the Cathedral where they learnt lots to help them in their RE topic and to discover more about their faith.



Year 5 have a visitor - Friday 13th January

Year 5 RE topic is 'Mission'. Helen came to talk about her mission to help others through her work at the Arnold Food Bank.


Epiphany Mass - Friday 6th January

A warm welcome back to all of you. What better way to welcome in the new year than coming together to celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany. This feast commemorates the visit of the wise men to worship the baby Jesus. Tradition tells us that their names were Caspar, Melchior and Balthassar. The men were looking for the star that would lead them to the promised Messiah. According to the Gospel, the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh with them. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this meaningful celebration.

Christmas Dinner in School - Thursday 15th December

Thank you to Mrs Acid and her elves for a delicious Christmas dinner which we enjoyed on Thursday. There was, as always a big take up for this special menu. Have a look at some of these smiles!

Aladdin pantomime - Friday 9th December

Finally the big day arrived! It was a thoroughly enjoyable and very memorable occasion for our children and once again I would like to thank FRoGS for their Fundraising which helped to subsidise this event. Oh yes they did!


Singing Carols for the Elderly at Valley Court and for the patients of the Nottinghamshire Hospice

The children were a great success and brought joy to the elderly residents at this sheltered accommodation off Mansfield Road. The children worked really hard and sang beautifully, like angels spreading Christmas peace and joy to all who heard them. The patients at the hospice were very appreciative and many joined in with the well-known carols. The children have been invited to return before next Christmas, which is testimony to their success. It was lovely to see the children confidently mingling and chatting to the patients. They were as ever, a real credit to the school and to their families. Thank you to Mrs Newham who has worked so hard with the children, often during the lunch break and to the children too who volunteered to do this great deed. Well done all!

The Mayor of Gedling’s School Christmas Card Competition

This took place at the end of October and all entries were judged by the Mayor and a panel of judges. Our congratulations go to Ola in 2DR who is a runner up in this competition. There was a presentation for her on Monday 12th December at the Civic Centre where Ola received a special prize. Congratulations to Ola, we are very proud of you, well done! We look forward to seeing your design on the Mayor’s Christmas cards.

MayorCardCompetition2016Advent Mass - Monday 28th November

The four weeks leading up to Christmas is a very special time for us all. It is a time of preparation and waiting for the birth of Jesus. During the Mass the Advent wreaths will also be blessed. We also welcomed our very youngest children in Foundation Stage to join us for Mass for the first time. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us.


Mass for the Closing of the Year of Mercy - Friday 18th November

At 11.00am today, Liana, Demy and Mae went with Mrs McElroy and myself to Saint Barnabas’ Cathedral to participate in the Schools’ Mass of Thanksgiving for the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, to see and listen to the Bishop again and to be with all the other schools in the Diocese. The music was lively and the message to us all was based around the caption: A heart that sees
We are all encouraged to have a heart that sees where love is needed and act accordingly.


Keeping safe week - Monday 14th to Friday 18th November

We had a very busy and exciting week as the whole school engaged in a week dedicated to keeping safe. The children wore all blue on Friday to support National Anti-Bullying Week, the national slogan for this year being, ‘Power for Good’. They also supported the Parish Bazaar which was on Saturday 19th November. Road Safety will form a part of our Keeping Safe Week. As the evenings draw in and winter approaches, the visibility of our pupils to car drivers is very important. To help the children to be more visible in the dark, we have purchased some fluorescent arm bands for all of the children. On behalf of you all, I would like to thank Councillor Weisz who has very kindly donated £300 towards the cost of these. Her generosity in supporting this very important cause is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank FRoGS who have donated the remaining amount which has allowed us to buy a fluorescent armband for every pupil. These will be distributed next week, please encourage the children to wear them! Thank you for your support with this week. I would like to thank all the staff and the children particularly Mrs James who has organised the whole week, coordinating visitors and arranging timetables so that every child benefited.

Click on the picture below to see some highlight photos

Remebrance day assembly - Friday 11th November

Year 6 led us in a wonderful assembly to commemorate those who have lost their lives in conflict. Well done Year 6, you showed us the importance of remembering the fallen soldiers.


Harvest Mass - Monday 17th October

Thank you to Father Biju who celebrated Mass with us today and to all our parents and visitors who celebrated with us. Thank you also for the huge amount of food which you donated to the Arnold Food Bank. Helen, who collected the food and delivered it, was extremely grateful and amazed at the generosity shown by our community.

Year 3 visit Wollaton Hall - Monday 10th October

Year 3 added some wow factor to their Tudors topic by visiting Wollaton Hall and learning about what it would be like to live in Tudor times.They even got to dress up! They had a great time!

Year 5 visit the Space Centre - Monday 3rd October
Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Space Centre in Leicester! They have been learning about space through their Science work and this was a brilliant opportunity to make their learning come to life.
Spanish days - Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October

The children have all taken part in Spanish based activities this week. These have included a whole variety of things such as flag making, food tasting, speaking Spanish, Spanish culture, dancing, sport and many more which I’m sure your children will share with you. As usual the children received great support, evident from the large numbers who turned up to watch the ‘Spanish Dancing Showcase’. A special thank you to Mrs Taylor who organised the whole event and huge congratulations to all the children who gave 110% in their dancing, we saw some future movers and shakers!

Socktober - Friday 21st October
This event was very well supported and there were many very interesting and unusual socks and tights on display. The grand total of £318.66 was raised from this event. Well done to the School Council for organising this event!


Bishop Patrick Mass - Friday 30th September

Today was a very special day in the life of the Good Shepherd community as we welcomed Bishop Patrick who celebrated Mass with us. The children and our visitors sang beautifully, read clearly and participated well in all aspects of the Mass. The Chaplaincy Team were commissioned, our Chapel was blessed and we now have the great privilege of having the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the Tabernacle in the Chapel in the heart of our school. The Foundation children entertained Bishop Patrick with their songs and stories, about sharks and dolphins, Egyptians and other related events and then they too received a blessing! During the Homily, Bishop Patrick told the children the story of the Magic Stone and how everybody worked together bringing something along to create a very tasty soup. Today our Mass was a little bit like that, so many people contributed bringing something to make the celebration something truly lovely. I would like to thank everybody for the part they have played, the list of names would fill this newsletter! However I would like to thank the children who sang so beautifully and made us all feel so proud of them. Special thanks also to Father Phillipp, Joe, Mrs McElroy, Miss Dawes and Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Newham and the choir, the GSA staff, the Governors, Pax Christi Heads, the parents and visitors and of course the ladies who served up the delicious refreshments that we were able to enjoy afterwards. It was a very busy morning for our Bishop and we are very grateful to him for this wonderful experience, thank you!

Click below to have a look at some of the photos from the visit

Bishop visit


Year 6 to the Briars - 19th to 23rd September

The Year 6 children returned from their week spent at the Briars, the Catholic Youth Retreat Centre in Derbyshire. Apart from the first day, they enjoyed good weather and even some sunshine. The children, as always, have gained a great deal from this residential experience and I hope that they will share these with you over the course of the weekend. I would like to thank the staff, Mrs Chadwick, who led the trip, Mrs Mansfield, Mrs McCulloch and Miss Dawes. We are very grateful to them all for giving of their time so freely to support this residential, so important in the faith journey of our children.

I would also like to thank:
You, their parents, for entrusting us with your children and of course for paying for them! The children, for being such a credit to the school, to their families too and for their great enthusiasm. The Briars team, for making the visit so successful and memorable. Joe Hopkins and Mrs McElroy who visited the children on Thursday joining them for the final Mass. Finally, Mr Whittle who also joined them.