Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs C Toner

Deputy Headteacher

Miss E Smallwood

Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Barfield


Teacher: Mrs K Dickson

Support Staff: Mrs K Knowles, Mrs D Smart and Mrs T Varga


Teachers:  Mrs A Whittle, Mrs K Kitching (EYFS Lead) and Mrs S Dickinson

Support staff:   Mrs M Bramley, Mrs R Newcombe and Mrs G Volpe

Year 1

Teachers: Miss H Sweeney (KS1 Lead), Miss H Clarke and Miss E Brierley (Trainee Teacher)

Support staff: Mrs Wood, Mrs T Degasperi and Mrs T Weliczko

Year 2

Teachers: Mrs K Kaur and Miss S Whitaker

Support staff: Mrs C Tyler, Mr N McLaughlin, Miss L Dales and Mrs S Sarno

Year 3

Teachers: Miss D Ryan, Mrs McGee and Mrs J Walsh

Support staff: Miss L Murphy, Miss K Grewal and Miss M Junaid

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs S Dougal and Miss M Tomycz

Support staff: Miss L Dawes and Mrs A Rowntree

Year 5

Teachers: Miss M Shaw (SENDCo), Miss E Smallwood and Mrs H Walker

Support staff: Mrs E Bottoms, Miss M Junaid, Mrs K Woodward and Miss Morris

Year 6

Teachers: Mr J Barfield and Mrs A Moore

Support staff: Mrs S McCulloch

Mr D Connolly – PE teacher

Mr  T Walters- Music Teacher

Mr M Fox – Music Teacher

Mrs Z della Spina – Office manager

Mrs A Murphy – Office and teacher support

Mrs S Newman – Attendance Officer and Senior lunchtime support

Mrs C Brunton – Pastoral Care and ELSA

Mr D Horden – Site Manager

Mrs J Leman – Head cook

Miss R Farrelly – Lunchtime supervisor

Ms M Gorniakowska – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss S Hastings – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs M Jordan – Lunchtime supervisor

Mr M Levey – Lunchtime supervisor

Ms A Meadows – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss J Norris – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs E Paloka – Lunchtime supervisor

Ms E Radvanyi – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss K Remzi – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs G Volpe – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss K Wilson – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs S Wood – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs Z  Wood – Lunchtime supervisor