School Day

8.45amChildren begin to arrive on the playground
8.55amBell rings and the school day begins
9.00-9.10amRegistration/dinner money collection and bus numbers completed
Prayers/class Collective Worship (Monday am only)
10.45-11.00amMorning Break / Milk & Fruit
11.55amFoundation lunch
12.00-1.00pmKey Stage 1 lunch
12.15-1.15pmKey Stage 2 lunch
1.00pmFoundation Stage & Key Stage 1 end of lunch break
1.00-1.05pmRegister and prayers
1.15pmKey Stage 2 - end of lunch break
1.15-1.20pmRegister and prayers
2.15-2.30pmAfternoon break
3.30pmBell rings - end of the school day