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Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy Life at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy

Letters to Parents



PDF icon Early Adopter School

PDF icon Aspens School Meal Letter

PDF icon School Meal Menu

PDF icon Harvest Celebrations and Fundraising 2020


PDF icon Creswell Crags Trip - Year 3 - 8th October

PDF icon Heart Dissection - Year 6

PDF icon Headteacher Letter to Parents - 11th September

PDF icon Supporting your child in Maths

PDF icon EYFS Parent Letter - 8th September

PDF icon Returning to primary school - what parents need to know

PDF icon Track and Trace Letter to Parents

PDF icon Welcome Back Letter - 2nd September


July 2020

PDF icon Letter from Chair of Governors - 20th July

PDF icon Arrangements for September 2020

PDF icon Stone Age Day - Year 3 - September 2020

PDF icon First week in September - 10th July

PDF icon Letter re COVID-19 testing

PDF icon General Information to Parents - 7th July

June 2020

PDF icon  Letter to Parents - 24th June

PDF icon Letter to Parents - 18th June

PDF icon Return to school - Full year groups

PDF icon CEO Letter re summer break - 9th June

PDF icon Behaviour Addendum OLoL Primary Update

PDF icon COVID-19 Track & Trace Privacy Notice

PDF icon Letter to Parents 3rd June

PDF icon Letters to Parents Behaviour Policy May 2020

PDF icon Behaviour Addendum OLoL Primary

May 2020

PDF icon Letters to Parent Return to school 29.05.20

PDF icon Letter to Parents - 22nd May

PDF icon School re-opening letter - 19th May

PDF icon Return to school letter - 14th May

PDF icon CEO Letter to Parents - 13th May

April 2020

PDF icon Updates linked to school closure

PDF icon RE Letter to Parents Summer 2020

PDF icon Welcome to the Pentecost Term Letter

PDF icon Letter from Headteacher - 3rd April

March 2020

PDF icon Dear Children Letter

PDF icon Dear Parents and Carers Letter

PDF icon Coronavirus Update CEO Letter

PDF icon Children of Key Workers CEO Letter

PDF icon Key Worker and Government Guidelines

PDF icon Coronavirus update 19.03.2020

PDF icon School Closure Work Guide

PDF icon Coronavirus update from CEO

PDF icon 2020 Year 6 Leaver Hoodies

February 2020

PDF icon Veolia Trip - Year 4 - 25th March

PDF icon Perlethorpe Trip - Year 1 - 31st March

PDF icon KS2 Dance Club

PDF icon KS2 Football Club

PDF icon Macmillan Coffee Morning - 13th February

PDF icon Year 2 CGP Books

January 2020

PDF icon Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes Mass - 11th February

PDF icon Hathersage Trip - Year 5 - June 2020

PDF icon World Book Day - 5th March

PDF icon Year 1 Phonics Book

PDF icon Swimming for Year 3 Pupils

PDF icon Parent Consultation Evening

PDF icon Swimwatch Rota

PDF icon Pupil questionnaire results

PDF icon Cathedral Visit - Year 5 - 22nd January

December 2019

PDF icon Eco Team Bulb Sale

November 2019

PDF icon Christmas Carol Concert - 20th December

PDF icon Christmas Jumper Day - 20th December

PDF icon Christmas Craft Afternoon - EYFS - 16th December

PDF icon Holes Performance - Year 6 - 5th February

PDF icon Governor Questionnaire Update

PDF icon Anxiety Workshop - 3rd December

PDF icon Christmas Productions 2019

PDF icon Great Fire of London - Year 2 - 29th November

PDF icon Book Fair - 29th November

PDF icon Lakeside Theatre - EYFS - 6th December

PDF icon Synagogue Trip - Year 3 - 19th November

October 2019

PDF icon Christmas Card Competition

PDF icon RE Letter to Parents Autumn 2019

PDF icon Clay Creators After School Club

PDF icon Walk to Church - Year 2 & 3 - 17th October

PDF icon ZooLab - Year 1 - 6th November

PDF icon National Space Centre Trip - Year 5 - 6th November

PDF icon Dads, Lads and Grandads Reading - EYFS

September 2019

PDF icon Parent Consultation Evenings

PDF icon Stone Age Wow Day - Year 3 - 15th October

PDF icon Faith in Action - Year 5 and 6

PDF icon Harvest Celebrations and Fundraising 2019

PDF icon First Aid Club - Year 5

PDF icon School Newspaper Team - KS2

PDF icon EYFS Phonics Meeting

PDF icon Parent Reader Volunteers

PDF icon Safety Zone Trip - Year 5 - 19th September

PDF icon Meet the Teacher

July 2019

PDF icon Enhancing safety in our school

 June 2019

PDF icon Rock Bottom - Year 6 Production

PDF icon St Peter and St Paul Mass - 28th June

PDF icon New Walk Museum Trip - Year 4 - 10th July

PDF icon Conkers Trip - Year 2 - 2nd July

PDF icon Book Fair Letter

PDF icon Dads, Grandads and Uncles EYFS Sports Afternoon

PDF icon Edwardian Seaside - Year 1 - 3rd July

PDF icon EYFS Dates and Pirate Day

May 2019

PDF icon EYFS Assessment Information Session

PDF icon Pyjamarama Day - 7th June

PDF icon Best Buddy Competition - Year 5

PDF icon Briars September 2019 Trip

PDF icon Nottingham City Trip - Year 3 - 24th June

PDF icon Gurdwara Workshop - 23rd & 24th May

PDF icon Gurdwara Visit - Year 3 & 6 - 20th May

PDF icon White Post Farm - EYFS - 20th May

PDF icon  RSE Programme - Year 5 & 6

April 2019

PDF icon RSE Parents Evening - Year 5 & 6

PDF icon Year 6 Year Book

PDF icon Year 6 End of SATS trip - 17th May

March 2019

PDF icon Year 4 Lenten Challenge

PDF icon Non-Uniform Day - Friday 3rd May

PDF icon Year 3 Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Year 5 Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Year 2 Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Easter Liturgy

PDF icon EYFS Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Year 6 Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Bikeability - Year 4

PDF icon Year 1 Lenten Fundraiser

PDF icon Bishop's Mass

PDF icon Mother's Day Afternoon Tea - EYFS - 29th March

PDF icon Roman Workshop - Year 4 - 27th March

PDF icon Letterjoin

PDF icon E-Safety Letter

February 2019

PDF icon Perlethorpe Visit - Year 1 - 26th March

PDF icon Veolia Visit - Year 4

PDF icon World Book Day

PDF icon Recycle with Michael

PDF icon Our Lady of Lourdes Mass - 11th February

PDF icon Bikeability - Year 3

PDF icon Ancient Greece Workshop - Year 5 - 21st March

January 2019

PDF icon Year 6 SATS Letter

PDF icon Hathersage Trip - Year 5

PDF icon Phonics Book - Year 1

PDF icon Parents Consultation Evenings

PDF icon Chinese Wow Day - Year 2 - 28th January

PDF icon St Barnabas Cathedral Visit - Year 5 - 31st January

December 2018

PDF icon Stone Age Workshop - Year 3 - 29th January

PDF icon Christmas Carol Concert - 21st December

PDF icon Zumba After School Club

November 2018

PDF icon Christmas Productions

PDF icon The Good Shepherd School Children's Book of Poetry

PDF icon Christmas Dinner - 18th December

PDF icon Scholastic Book Fair - 22nd November

PDF icon Dear Santa Theatre Visit - EYFS - 30th November

PDF icon Handball Club - Year 5&6

October 2018

PDF icon Keeping Safe Week 12th - 16th November

PDF icon Phonics Information Session - EYFS & Year 1 - 8th November

PDF icon Diwali - EYFS - 6th November

PDF icon Faith in Action

PDF icon Synagogue Visit - Year 3 - 20th November

PDF icon Inter School Events - Arnold Hill Academy

PDF icon Times Table Rock Stars

PDF icon The Good Shepherd Church Visit - EYFS & Year 3 - 5th November

PDF icon Mayor of Gedling Christmas Card Competition

PDF icon ZooLab Workshop - Year 1 - 7th November

PDF icon Gedling Borough Council Chambers - Year 6 - 18th October

PDF icon HA4K October Half Term

PDF icon Parent Consultation Evenings

September 2018

PDF icon Our Lady of Lourdes Launch Day

PDF icon National Space Centre Trip - Year 5 - 12th November

PDF icon Harvest Mass and Fundraising

PDF icon KS2 Library Visits

PDF icon Year 6 Science Experiment

PDF icon International Day - 25th October

PDF icon Parent Reader Volunteers